Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Classmate

writing task ..

My classmate who I had Interviewed before is a beautiful girl, named Ni Komang ferelawati. Everybody usually call her Ferela. She comes from Bedugul, a part of Tabanan regency in Singaraja, Bali. Now, she is living in Singaraja city, at Puri Asih Kerobokan C3. She is studying in English Education Department of Undiksha in her second semester. She has been living in Singaraja for about six months during her study. She is a good college student. She loves to study English because she wants to be able to speak foreign language. That’s why she choose to study English in Undiksha as English an International language. Besides that, she wish she can be an English teacher in the future. She works hard to get her dream. She usually does some kinds of hobby and sport in her spare times. Her hobby is cooking. She is a good cooker. I have ever taste the food that she cooked and it was so delicious. She likes to do sport too, that is playing chess. “Playing chess is a brain sport”, she told me. On weekends, she usually go hometown or sometimes play around with me and some other friends. That’s all the informations about ferela. I’m happy we can be classmates and good friends.