Friday, February 11, 2011

Prepare Apple iPhone Cheap Mini Valuable?

Mini-sized mobile phone trend seems to have descend Apple. The company, founded by Steve Jobs is reportedly working on a tiny version of iPhone mobile phone project.

The news comes from Bloomberg's media

 which claims to get information from a trusted source. No identifiable source is said to have known exposure to Apple's plans regarding the iPhone mini.

Even a fairly hard to believe, this mini iPhone will be sold $ 200 or below Rp 2 million. This price can be redeemed directly tied to the consumer without the need to contract with the operator.

As reported by Reuters and quoted on Friday (11/02/2011), a mini version of the iPhone is said to be launched in mid of this year despite delays may occur. The size is reported about a third of the regular iPhone.

Unfortunately, Apple declined to comment on this report. Another rumor that came with a mini iPhone news is that Apple also developed a dual mode phone that can operate on GSM or CDMA network.