Friday, February 11, 2011

Rumor: Following iPad 2, iPad 3 Present Year

iPad 2 has not officially released, now comes the latest rumor says Apple will gush iPad 3 on this year too!
MG Siegler delivered via technology blog Tech Crunch which then spread rapidly, it is mentioned that the iPad 3 will be introduced in winter 2011

Siegler apparently extend the posting of a technology blogger at once a big fan of Apple, John Gruber that makes speculation about the arrival iPad 3. "However, the news is just around the iPad three guesses," said Siegler confirmed, quoted from PC World, on Friday (11/02/2011).

Investigate a calibaration, speculation apparently originated from the preaching of the Wall Street Journal. As is known, earlier this week, the news agency reported that iPad 2 is being produced.

Thereafter, circulating recognition Reuters witness who claimed to have seen apparitions in the launch the new iPad digital newspaper The Daily Special iPad. No doubt, speculators also becoming busy guessing.

Well, if iPad 2 will be coming soon in April this year? Most of the speculators is optimistic about the truth of this news. They are connecting-connecting with regular cycles usual Apple released the latest version of a product every single year. iPad first generation, as known to start reaching the market on April 1, 2010.

And what about the iPad 3? No one knows the truth about this news. What is clear, open interest to gadget lovers who released Apple products are often led to speculation regarding the continuation of these products.